Nebraska has their first cell-phone legislation going into impact on January 1 e , 2008. Legislative Bill 415 prohibits individuals below the age of 18 from using a wireless interaction device while driving. This legislation includes particular digital assistants (PDA’s), mobile or cellular phones, messaging devices, audio-video participants that deliver or get communications, and laptop computers. This statement is really a secondary enforcement law AV禁止法(本番AV禁止法)から日本の将来について考えたこと.

New Jersey has received a hands-free law since 2004, however in December of 2007 regulations has been amended from another enforcement law to a main law. This means a driver that violates the hands-free cell phone law could be taken around and ticketed only on the cornerstone of using a cell-phone without a hands-free device. The amendment also prohibits text-messaging while driving. The text-messaging part of the statement is beneficial on March 3 rd , 2008.

Oregon has passed a fresh law that switches into impact on January 1 e , 2008. Oregon House Bill 2872 prohibits individuals below the age of 18 from using any kind of mobile interaction device while they are running a generator vehicle. What the law states includes text-messaging device and doesn’t include an exception for hands-free devices. What the law states includes individuals below 18 and driving with a provisional driver’s certificate, a special scholar or training permit. This new law is only enforceable as another offense.

In 2008 six states have new driving regulations going into effect that relate exclusively to minors,cell-phone use and text messaging by drivers. A few of the new regulations are secondary enforcement regulations that won’t be enforced until the driver is violating a main law such as for example speeding, reckless driving or managing a red light. Most of the new regulations listed below give conditions for problems, confirming illegal activity and use by public safety officials.

California has two new driving regulations that relate with hands-free cell-phone use and minors. The initial law is named Senate Bill 1613 and switches into impact on September 1 e 2008. The brand new driving law prohibits the use of a wireless telephone while driving until a hands-free device is used as a talking and hearing device.

The other new California driving law is Senate Bill 33. This law prohibits individuals below the age of 18 from using a wireless telephone or any mobile device while running a generator vehicle. Unlike one other new California driving law, there are no conditions for hands-free devices.

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